Diminished Value Appraisal

Diminished Value Appraisal Online Auto Appraisal

Are you leaving money on the table? Have you been compensated for ALL your damages?


  • After being properly repaired, you won’t be able to sell your vehicle for as much as another that hasn’t been in an accident.

  • All states require you to disclose any prior accidents at the time of sale.

  • Your vehicle history is tracked by CARFAX.

  • After an accident, your vehicle no longer can be “Certified Pre-Owned” and many dealerships may refuse to accept your vehicle as a trade-in.

It is your right to file a “Diminished Value” Claim

  • Was the accident the other driver's fault?    

  • Did the resulting damage include frame/unibody damage? 

  • Is your vehicle less than 10-years old? 

  • Do you own your vehicle (not leased)? 

If you answered, “YES” to all 4 questions, you most likely qualify to file a Diminished Value Claim.

How much would I be compensated for with a Diminished Value Claim?

$15,000 Vehicle = $2,250 Diminished Value Claim
$35,000 Vehicle  = $8,750 Diminished Value Claim
$55,000 Vehicle = $16,500 Diminished Value Claim

These are examples only, actual results will vary.

What is needed to complete a Diminished Value Appraisal?

  • Final Repair Invoice from the Body shop

  • Vehicle VIN #

  • Claim # from accident

  • Date of Loss

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Sample Diminished Value Report

After you submit your info, you will be taken to a page that you can submit your payment via Credit Card or Paypal. Please note that we will not move forward with the report until info has been submitted and payment has been made. 


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