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Appraisal FAQs

Online Auto Appraisal Questions
  • Why an Online Auto Appraisal?
    Lets face it, we have become a virtual world. If a task can be accomplished virtually, it saves time and money for you the customer. The Insurance Companies have been utilizing Virtual Claims Adjusting for years. We here at CFL Auto Appraise feel we can provide you the customer with a complete & comprehensive analysis of of the vehicle and situation you are in need of satisfying by simply answering a couple of questions, filling out an online form, uploading a few simple pictures and sending it off to our team to be researched, analyzed and assembled into a comprehensive format that is easy to understand.
  • How long does it take to get my report back?
    Most reports are delivered back within 36-72 hours after payment has been made and all required info is supplied. Any delay in receiving photos and/or info will delay the report. Also, holidays, weekends can affect turn-around times as well.
  • Do I have a right to get my own appraisal on an insurance claim?
    YES! Both you and your insurance company have a right to an appraisal. It is always wise to hire your own impartial, licensed appraiser to determine the value of your loss. Your insurance company may not protect your best interests with their in-house or computerized appraisals. When you protect yourself with an independent appraisal, your insurance company is obligated to negotiate a loss settlement using both
  • Why should I care about diminished value?
    The at-fault insurance company will pay to repair your vehicle, but after a collision, it’s less marketable than before the wreck. When you sell the vehicle, you will be forced to absorb a loss, unless you make a Diminished Value claim. For example, if your $50,000 vehicle is repaired after a major collision, it may only be worth $40,000. Is that fair to you? No! A Diminished Value claim allows you to get a settlement for the difference in market value for a pre-and-post crash vehicle. It is almost impossible for an insurance company to deny a diminished value claim to an insured claimant.
  • Do I need an appraisal if I’m donating my vehicle to charity?
    Yes. On vehicles worth more than $5,000, the IRS requires a professional appraisal to receive your tax write-off. It is still recommended for vehicles under $5,000 to prevent any unnecessary scrutiny from IRS auditors.
  • Are these reports Certified?
    YES, Online Auto Appraisal, is owned and operated by a Licensed and Certified Independent Auto Appraiser/Adjuster FL License #W694344
  • Do I need an appraisal to purchase a vehicle?
    Banks, credit unions, and individual lenders may require an independent appraisal to establish the true market value of the vehicle you are planning to buy.
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