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Prior To Loss Appraisal

Prior To Loss Online Auto Appraisal

Why Prior To Loss?  Aka "Appraisal Clause"

So, your Insurance Company has decided your car is a Total Loss and not worth the money it will require to repair. However, you feel they are trying to “lowball” the price on what your vehicle is valued at.


Are they being fair in what their assessment of current Fair Market Value is?

This is where you invoke your “Appraisal Clause” that is typically in the fine print of most Insurance Policies. 

Here is a typical scenario of a Prior To Loss Situation:

  1.   Car Accident Occurs

  2.   Big Insurance sends out their Employee to assess the damage and assign a value to your vehicle

  3.   You disagree with the amount they are claiming the vehicle is valued at.

  4.   You invoke your Appraisal Clause and obtain an ONLINE AUTO APPRAISAL to provide a       comprehensive 3rd party, Independent valuation of what the vehicle was worth Prior to Loss

  5.   You submit the report provided by ONLINE AUTO APPRAISAL to your Insurance company 

  6.   They either accept the report and you get paid or Big Insurance hires another 3rd Party Appraiser 

  7.   Their 3rd Party Contacts ONLINE AUTO APPRAISAL and we come to an agreement on value. 90% of the time your case never makes it past this point, and you end up with more money in your pocket. If not, it goes to an Umpire

  8.   Umpire assigns value and that value can NOT be disputed

*** In some cases, we have even saved vehicles from being totaled by bringing the true value of the vehicle to the forefront and forcing the Insurance company into paying for the required repairs. 

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Recent Results

Screenshot 2022-08-13 124117.jpg
Sample Prior to Loss Report

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call. 


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