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Fair Market Value Appraisal

Fair Market Value Appraisal Online Auto Appraisal

Why do I need a Fair Market Valuation??




Make sure you are on top of the current market trends before selling or trading in your car. The market these days is volatile, and you don’t want to shortchange yourself.



 The court may order a valuation of vehicles owned by an estate to determine actual values to be entered into the estate.




Don’t let the lawyers determine what the value of your car is, make sure you aren’t accepting an averaged value that was pulled from a Value Guide and taking into consideration the actual condition of your vehicle in a difficult time like bankruptcy can be.




Make sure you get the tax deduction that is due to you when making a donation. 




 When you are not sure of the values on vehicles that are to be divided equally, make sure you get a professional to value the vehicles. 




More and more banks and lending institutions are requiring a Certified Appraisal Report before lending on a used vehicle.




If you find yourself in the middle of a situation that requires a professional to assess the facts, make sure you hire a Licensed and Certified Appraiser to provide the correct documents that will stand up in the Court of Law.

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Sample Fair Market Value Report

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