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We won TWICE…

CFL Auto Appraise checked off the WIN column twice on the same car!!!

This 2015 Mercedes C250 was in an accident and the insurance company went to great lengths to make sure it was a Total Loss.

The owner of the car contacted me and informed me of what had taken place and asked me to take a look at the car, the initial settlement offer, and the Damage Estimate written by the insurance company. After looking over the information she provided me I informed her that I felt the insurance company’s valuation was light and they were undervaluing the car. In addition to that they were writing damages with OEM parts on an 8-year-old car which put it over the 80% threshold and forced the car to be totaled.

The vehicle owner hired me and I went to work. I inspected the car in person and found a very clean low mileage car prior to loss and also found the insurance company to be writing for damages that were very apparent “guesses” on the damage. The only way a few things could be determined to be in need of replacement would be after a tear-down and not obvious upon initial inspection. File a supplement…

First, we went after the value of the car and it only took 1 phone conversation for the insurance-appointed appraiser to agree within a couple of hundred dollars of my Prior to Loss Appraisal. This increased the value of the car by almost $4,000 and thereby moving the 80% threshold.

Second, I wrote another damage estimate with LKQ and Aftermarket parts and came in well below the 80% threshold. The vehicle owner in the meantime had the car moved from a Coparts facility to her body shop where an additional damage estimate was written in very close proximity to my damage estimate.

The insurance company decided to hire yet another damage appraiser to write yet another damage estimate on the car. His damage assessment was basically the same as mine. Even with possible open items and supplements, this car was repairable and we were able to prove it beyond doubt.

We forced the car to be repaired after the adjuster kept telling the vehicle owner repeatedly that this was a Total Loss.

Never take the first offer, and never accept something you know not to be true. Call Jim at CFL Auto Appraise for a FREE consult.


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