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Introduction to Auto Appraisals

Some people cringe at the thought of having someone else tell them what their car is worth. Generally, the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Auto Appraisal is, “I know what my car is worth, I don’t need someone else to tell me”. But there is so much more to it than just telling someone what their car is worth. In this series of articles, we will explore each of what I call, the “Big 4”. The 4 most common types of Auto Appraisals. We will focus on when and why each one is needed and explore each category more in-depth in upcoming segments.

  1. Fair Market Value = What a vehicle is worth on the open market, generally dictated by supply & demand, rarity, desirability, economy, and current market trends.

  1. Prior To Loss/Total Loss Appraisal = This reflects what the value of a vehicle was “PRIOR”, to a total loss scenario. Generally used in an Appraisal Clause scenario when the insurance company deems a vehicle a total loss but is offering a settlement that is less than what the owner feels is fair.

  1. Diminished Value Appraisal = If you were in a car accident and you were found to be the NO-FAULT party involved. You may be eligible for a Diminished Value settlement. This pay-out is meant to compensate you for the economic loss you will suffer after your vehicle has been in an accident and was professionally repaired.

  1. Agreed Value/Replacement Cost Appraisal = Not all cars are created equal… Custom Parts, Professional/Skilled Labor, Custom Wheels, Lift Kits, LS Swaps, the list goes on and on… Do you trust the insurance company to put a dollar amount on what it would cost to exactly replicate your Pride and Joy in the event of a total loss?? Document your vehicle with an Agreed Value Appraisal and protect your investment.

In the following articles, we will dig deeper into each one of these types of Appraisals. We will give you the tools and the power to make an educated decision on whether a Certified Appraisal is right for your situation.

Where can you get more information on the Certified Auto Appraisal process? Contact us at Encompass Auto Appraisal for a FREE Consult. 833-888-VALU(8258)

Written by:

Jim Berger

Licensed Independent Adjuster & Appraiser

Florida License #W694344

Certified Auto Appraiser

ASCAA #10952837

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